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Twitter ID Finder with mobile app

We now provide an app for finding Twitter ID. You can use it to find Twitter ID on your phone.


With more than over 320 million active users, Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms. Given a large number of users on Twitter, it could be difficult to find a certain person's Twitter ID. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

What is a Twitter ID?

A Twitter ID is a unique user identifier assigned to each account on the platform. It helps to identify and distinguish the account from others. Someone may want to know a Twitter ID for a variety of reasons. They may want to know their or someone’s unique ID or add a link to the account in a blog post or website so that even when the users change their Twitter username, readers/visitors can still find Twitter because the Twitter ID will remain the same.

Another reason is that they could utilize the ID in a Twitter API application for some third-party apps or services that may require a Twitter ID to do certain functions.

The Best Twitter ID Converter Available

If you know the person's username, you may find their Twitter ID by using a Twitter ID converter. Our Twitter ID Finder is a tool that turns a Twitter username into a Twitter ID. There are several Twitter ID converters available on the internet. But we are the best you will find. Simply input the person's Twitter username into to the box above and hit the "Convert" button to use one. Our converter will then display the Twitter ID that you are looking for.

Convert Twitter ID to Username

If you already have a Twitter ID and wish to discover the corresponding username, our Twitter ID Finder tool can assist you effortlessly. Simply insert the Twitter ID into the designated box, click the "Convert" button! The tool will promptly retrieve the username associated with the provided ID.

Convert Twitter Username to Email

Our versatile Twitter ID Finder tool not only helps you find Twitter IDs but also provides the functionality to retrieve email addresses associated with Twitter usernames. Please note that the email addresses obtained are based on available public information, and there is a possibility that they may not be accurate or up-to-date. If you have a Twitter username and want to explore any potential associated email address, simply input the Twitter username in the provided box, and the tool will provide any available email addresses linked to that username.

What Twiteridfinder has to offer?

Although we are known as Twitter ID Finder, we provide much more. Below are what we provide:
  • Account status: Live or deactivated
  • Account ID
  • Username
  • Account Email
  • Following/follower count
  • Account creation date

What makes Twiteridfinder unique?

Twitter account creation date finder

We are the only tool that offers Twitter account creation dates. This function is very useful for those who want to find out if an account is a bot or not. The older the account is the more you can trust that account. If you want to find the creation date in bulk, you can contact us, we will provide it as a service

Twitter comment scraper

We can scrape all comments of single or multiple Twitter posts. But this is a side service that we offer.

Twitter hashtag scraper

We can help you to scrape all the posts that include the hashtag that you define.

How to use our tool to find Twitter ID?

Below is an instruction video that will guide you on how to use our tool

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